Wild Camping

£10per night per adult, half price 5-15
  • dogs £2 (max 2)


£10per night per adult, half price 5-15
  • Posh Tent hire see 2posh2pitch,  dogs certain tents only £2 (max 2 )

Camper Van

£10per night per adult, half price 5-15
  •  dogs £2 (max 2)

Children under 5 are free, but please keep to a maximum of 8 people per pitch

Please only use firebaskets like this one (bring your own), barbecues or cooking apparatus should be protected from the grass and  removed from other inflammable materials. Our firebaskets are available in limited numbers, or bring your own. First come first served.  Because of the harvest any fires must be supervised with a firebucket of water nearby (provided). Do not light any fires near the barley field.firebasket

All prices are for each night of your stay.